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Distribution & Sales POS System

MegTools Sales & Distribution POS Software System Like the rest of the two, the sales and distribution is an amazing ...
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Restaurant POS Software System

MegTools Restaurant Point of sale software and ordering system Restaurant POS Software is another section of MegTools Point of Sale ...
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Retail POS Software System

MegTools Point of sale software (POS) system for retail Businesses The Retail POS System has been designed to facilitate every ...
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Are you ready to rewrite what retail is all about?

We believe it is time your business went digital with the right technology and expertise. Let’s retrospect the challenges faced by your company and take on technology that will help you reinvent your business and face the future head on!

With MegTools point of sale software your day to day accounting and billing challenges will be wiped clean for we offer you the best of the best point of sales systems that will take your business to a whole new level entirely!

Building your own point of sale system maybe a piece of cake for any computer geek in the world, but getting it done by a well established business in the industry give your company an edge like never before. With round the clock customer service MegTools offers you exceptional benefits to turn your business into a hit! Our representatives are well seasoned after working with over 52000 retail and restaurant businesses hence giving you POS software system with a challenging edge over your competitors. So don’t worry, whether you are a small startup company or a well established name in the industry, MegTools offers point of sale software specifically catered and customized to meet your individual needs.


Hypermarket and Supermarket Software

Hypermarket and Supermarket POS is generally meant to record sales. But MegTools has revolutionized the world of computerized business performance by providing all the retail solutions in one Retail POS Software.


Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy POS Software is another section of MegTools Point of Sale Software. The standard Pharmacy point of sale user take it as pharmacy management system.


Laundry Management Software

Laundry POS Software is also a vital section of MegTools Point of Sale Software. Big laundry mall and cloth cleaner manage their customer and database through our POS  system.


Saloon and SPA POS Software

Saloon and SPA is generally mean to entertain and relax purposes. But MegTools has taken ambition to let the world relax through computerized business performance by providing all the retail solutions.


Real estate Management Software

Real estate management system is a huge category in sense of data.  MegTools Point of Sale Software is a standard Point of Sale software that works for retailers to keep record their sales and purchase system.


Clinic and Hospital Software

MegTools Point of Sale Software offers clinic and hospital database management for doctors, nurses, operation hours and any kind of other hospitality. It offers all managerial features which helps to manage governmental, non-governmental hospitals and private clinics.



Sales and Purchase recording and reporting

The Point of Sale Software is capable of generating sales and purchase reports and can bring the balancing figure with exact and accurate calculations that would be precise and self-explaining

Stock and Inventory Record Maintenance

When it comes to the line of food business, it helps keep the lineup of menus for restaurants and keep the record of all the available edible articles in other food stores such as the fish and meat mart

User Access Control

MegTools’ Point of Sale Software is not a single in line module, it is capable of providing separate access control to variety of users

Employee Management

The software has been designed after keeping in view the enterprises of the today’s world which prefer the employee retention and progress of their employees. It alerts the main system about the change of shift and the employees

Company Information

MegTools Point of Sale Software is even an E-commerce solution. The software provides them with all the necessary information about the company from which they are doing their purchase

Customer Care

The Point of Sale Software Solution has been programmed to keep the record of the promotions and the loyalty programs for the customers


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MEGTOOLS is a company with a philosophy build on the cornerstones of Quality and Innovation.


Our specialty is in providing end-to-end solution, which gives the organization a single vendor who can integrate seamlessly across all required modules.


With our wide experience in the Gulf, we are in a position to advice and implement a system that works, practical and most of all successful.




See what our client says

Michelles Antiques

When you are the owner of a small antiques store in the downtown area of your city, money becomes a bit of an issue. Now, thanks to MegTools, I have all the equipment needed by any retail business at affordable rates, helping me grow my business and my clientele.

Michelles Antiques - CEO & Owner

Breaking into the restaurant business is never easy when you only have your love for cooking delicious food for you without any prior experience as to how to run a restaurant. With MegTools in the mix, I was able to fulfill all my dreams while efficiently running the business.

Pierre Gagnaire - Head chef and Owner Eponymous Pierre Gagnaire restaurant

When you are in the real estate business, handling bulk orders of all sorts of things becomes an everyday norm that can easily turn into a nightmare if you do not have the right sort of tools at your disposal at all times. Thanks to MegTools, I have everything I might need.

Daniel L. Goodwin - Chairman and CEO The Inland Real Estate Group, Inc.