The retail world of today is a demanding phenomenon and MegTools point of sale software is totally fulfilling the demands of its customer in Dubai, Sharjah, UAE, USA, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Africa and CANADA and across the world . And if you are one of the determined and ambitious retailers then chances are you are already looking for ways to enhance your performance, increase your sales and achieve the highest level of output possible.

What if you had an easy way to go about your day to day transactions without the added hassle of managing the billing system, the accounting procedures and also the tedious ordering schemes?

Well, you are definitely in luck today! Because with MegTools POS software system, we make sure you get all of this with a single one stop shop solution; a wide array of point of sales software and solutions!

With the ever growing retail world, one needs to be on their toes from changing trends to evolving technologies. And why pull yourself down with the added weight of extra work when you can simply work simultaneously on a bunch of aspects with just merely a simple single high tech piece of gadget? It’s about time you went digital yourself especially if you want to compete in the high pace digital market of today.

With over 17 years of experience in point of sale solutions and software development, MegTools has managed to build an empire around the world by empowering businesses from supermarkets, restaurants and even pharmacies to developing point of sale solutions for specific areas within businesses such as a state of the art restaurant ordering system or a highly advanced retail billing software for an array of different businesses and many more. Having catered to over 52,000 retail and restaurant businesses around the world in over 86 countries, MegTools has managed to gain experience working with some of the top leading businesses, providing them with custom yet affordable solutions to their mind boggling fixes.

A well-seasoned company like ours has built itself on the very facet of visualizing performance. We understand your business is your baby and we are here to help you bring it up in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Let us work with you to help reduce your work load so you can invest more of your precious time in working out effectual means for expanding your business!

Evolution is the way forward, and a revolutionary solution to your retail shopping and services business awaits you!

Don’t believe us yet? Hit us up and we’ll definitely sway you off your feet!



  1. Retail POS

    The Retail POS System has been designed in a way to facilitate every business that has been marked as a retailing category format. Retail Software is generally meant to record sales. But MegTools has revolutionized the world of computerized business performance by providing all the retail solutions in one Retail POS Software.

  2. Restaurant POS

    Restaurant POS Software is another section of MegTools Point of Sale Software. The standard Restaurant Point of Sale got the software that works as the Retail Billing Software as well as Restaurant Ordering System. While some businesses of Restaurant type do not have the later one, they rely over the manual hawking.

    There is a lot much to do when it comes to the food business. A number of things are to be catered and taken care off. The smallest of the mistakes can levy heavy penalties over the business.

    This is what MegTools worked out. The software has been designed to take care of all accounting and administrative matters leaving the organizers to focus on food items as they are the biological products and need naked eye attention.

  3. Sales & Distribution POS

    Like the rest of the two, the sales and distribution is an amazing kind of business. It is full of creativity and exploration. Rather it’s a form of arts.

    MegTools offers Sales and distribution POS type of business are certainly different from each other and require a different set of solutions for their business processing.


Our Vision

Having already been in the business for almost two decades, we are quite sure that nobody knows this business like we do. Starting off on our own and learning from our mistakes have brought us where we are at this point. We are more than able and capable of doing all that is asked of MegTools in terms of Products as well as the Point of Sales Software.

We at MegTools, aspire to provide our clients ask of us and providing them with the sort of long-lasting solutions they have been looking for, for a while now. Furthermore, we always have and always will be striving to reach the top of the Point of Sale Software Arena to ensure that our clients have the best of best working for them and coming up with smart solutions to all sorts of problem that they might have to face in time.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Jafer Shahi
Jafer Shahi
Offer the highest quality to customer is my first priority. I am an entrepreneur dedicated to changing the way the people managing their business. My goal is to deliver an experience for our clients that is memorable in every way, so that they happily refer us to others.
mirza atif
Mirza Atif
Digital Marketing Executive
A passionate online marketer, enthusiast spiritualistic personalty with multi-tasking skills. Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue. This is all I do.
Shahrukh Khan
Software Engineer
Shahrukh khan is the full name. I am done Bachelors in Computer Science. I think smart and program it in easy way so the user may understand the outcomes easily.
Jane Doe
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Brief History of MegTools Trading L.L.C

May, 2016

New website, corporate logo, perfect professional slogan, marketing collateral and branding.

February, 2014

A revolutionary new generation of POS software solution, visual intelligence portfolio is released.

March, 2011

MegTools point of sale software new version released with new built in feature i.e HR Management, Accounting. Owned by 10,000 Restaurants, 6,000 Retailers, 4,000 Sales and Distributors across the world

February, 2009

MegTools Software Solution celebrated 10th anniversary with 7,000 sq ft expansion 

May, 2006

MegTools POS Software Solutions moves in to 5,000 sq ft facility.

May, 2003

MegTools user conference takes place in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Canada, USA and Africa.

March, 1999

MegTools Trading L.L.C Founded in 1999. First Point Of Sale Software Solution in UAE


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