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Carwash Management System


This quarter of the retailing involves too much of competition and too much of the attributes that are to be taken care of. Car Wash business owners are always busy in stocking the goodwill and potential flow of satisfactory performance.

Apart from the conventional PR, the car wash business owners have to even take care of the maintenance of the:

  • Business assets
  • Staff management
  • Staff shift management
  • Beneficiary accounts and duties
  • Log of recurring and inventory assets

Retail Software:

Being in the high competition, a number of businessmen moved to the standard Retail Software to record their daily sales and expenses. The ordinary POS software does not provide eloquent space for the operative attributes of the business.

This drawback of the Retail Software never eased these business entities. MegTools worked on resolving the parameters that halt the businesses to keep up in the competition.

Point of Sale System:

MegTools Point of Sale System is a comprehensive business solution that enables the businessmen to spare time for the development and growth of the business and look after the competition that is prevailing in the society.

The Software addresses all the essential corridors of the car washing business and not only just eases the businessmen but even provides:

  • Smooth flow to the business
  • Precise and accurate reports of the sales and receipts
  • Asset management at its best
  • Staff management, beneficiary management and shift management
  • HR Payroll management

Segmentation of Assets:

The proper presentation of the assets and the classification of the assets into their respective segments are possible with the Point of Sale System. The POS System recognizes all the assets involved in the car washing business and can head them into their respective directories. The system involves the diary of the assets as:

  • Fixed assets: The immovable assets
  • Current assets: Liquid – able assets
  • Recurring assets: Assets that get consumed and are required again for the business process such as water and rinse material
  • Inventory asset: Assets put forth for sale

The conventional Retail Software did not provide such detail to the car wash business entity and the developers never focused on the importance of this business form. But MegTools understands the importance and requirement of this business and looks forth to improvise and enhance it.

Customer Relation:

Keeping the record of the vehicles washed and serviced, and marking the notable customers is one of the essentials of the competition. Uprooting the PR requires the entrepreneurs to provide special services to the clients for regular visits. Point of Sale Software helps in generating the accounts of the frequent customers and record all the essential detail required by such type of business, such as:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Name, address and contact arrear of the customer
  • Chronology between the last wash and service
  • Additional services that customer prefers to use
  • Log of the customers upon their spending

Point of Sale System is Everywhere:

MegTools Point of Sale System is not just confined for a single or multiple on floor computers’ use. It’s a Cloud VPN which is available on every device owned by the business owner and provides information that is necessary for the business, whether:

  • Accounting sheets
  • Income and expense record
  • Gross and Net earnings and expense of the day, week, fortnight and month
  • Staff management