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Clinic and Hospital Management System


The most sensitive kind of service is provided in the clinics and hospitals. To run a clinic and hospital a specialized set of skills is required. The operations are not only based on the doctors, but the management has to play a major role in the provision of the service as well.

Technology is a root fundamental requisite of the clinics and hospitals. The medical devices, patient history, staff management or any other operation relies over the technology.

Clinic and Hospital Management Software:

Clinics and hospitals have to acquire a number of software to perform their daily operations. Keeping so much of balance costs a lot to the organization and most of the time they stay deprived of the technological support.

The standard Clinic and Hospital Management Software compromise of the performance rather based over the history of the patient or the accountancy management. It did not address every column of this service provider.

MegTools POS System:

The Point of Sale System of MegTools has been designed in detail with the perspective of every organization that is working in the world. A thorough study of the operations made MegTools eligible to design a comprehensive Clinic and Hospital Management System.

Their system can perform a number of operations, relevant to every department of the medical service providers.

Fundamental Operations:

The Point of Sale System performs some fundamental operations that are concerned with the medical reps and medical representation of the clinics and hospitals. Along with that it even performs tasks that are mainly concerned with the patients’ track. It provides:

  • Database of the patients
  • Personal logs for the patients
  • History and track record of the health of the patients
  • Records the daily dosage and prescribed med of the patient
  • Generates medical reports
  • Keeps the database of the medical employees such as the doctors and experts

Managerial Operations:

Without a manager, a clinic or hospital cannot work fine. In some cases, the chief doctor or expert works as the manager, but such a support is not enough for the organization. MegTools Point of Sale System runs the managerial operations for the organization, comprising on:

  • Staff management
  • Staff shift management
  • Custodian record and shift analysis
  • Security essentials
  • Maintenance of assets and inventory
  • Record of the patients and visitors
  • Performance of the organization

Fiscal Job:

Finance and budget is pretty essential for such an organization, but for the management of the financial sector a highly paid accountant is hired in most of the cases. This problem is resolved by the Point of Sale System as it works as the chief accountant and works over every branch of accountancy. The software is equipped to provide:

  • Accounting statements, whether journals or the consolidated accounts
  • Record of the fee of the patients
  • Calculation of medical allowances, rebate and subscriptions
  • HR Payroll management
  • Records of the operational overheads of the assets and inventory acquired

Precisely, MegTools Point of Sale System is a complete solution to every organization that is running in the world.