Features of MegTools’ Point of Sale Software

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The world of business has risen to a dimension of infinite progress. Every move in this world is emphasized by the credits of ongoing business. Without progress and improvisation, it’s certainly impossible to grab the coaches of success and achievements.

The time has changed a lot and technology has reached the heights of conquest rather than exploration. In the world of today, businesses need to have a good check and balance on all the fiscal and non – fiscal matters to attain a beneficial standing. For such a cause a number of research and development methodologies came to the course of life.

Among those studies, the business till was to be centralized in order to gain the pure access of the income, the racks were to be monitored thoroughly for a better preview of the stock in hand and the staff was to vigilantly monitored for optimum input and necessary promotions and relegation.

History of Point Of Sale Software

in 1973 introduced the world’s first Point of Sale Software which came into use in 1974. This was the first ever till software which was able to control 128 point of sale registers. This was the first step towards the betterment of the business community. This was when the business owners were able to keep the check and balance of their drawers.

Soon after that the idea was further regulated time to time and according to the technology. In the present age, when there is quite a hassle in business environment and the scope and diversity of the computing has grown to the extent of rebuilding humans, it was required to have a more powerful system that could not just only count the cash, but could even keep the record of the staff.

MegTools is among the leading software development companies that is offering a wide range of point of software solution systems. It has expertized the business accountancy environment and has a vast experience of working over the point of sale (POS) System. Either it’s the accounts, human resource or the simple cash transactions; MegTools has simplified it all for the businesses today.

It is offering a fully business featured Point of Sale System which meets all the requirements over small, medium and corporate level businesses. The software serves the business in the matters of cash flow, accountancy, retailing, stock keeping, staff management, customers’ data maintenance and customer care systems.

In short the MegTools Point of Sale Software is a complete solution to all the business requirements of the trading world of today.

Multi Lingual

MegTools designed the Point of Sale Software by keeping in view the business of the whole world. The software supports a number of other languages besides English, Spanish, Arabic and French. This makes it more requisite for the business communities as they are able to understand each and every business activity in their own language.

Key Features
  • Sales and Purchase recording and reporting:

    • The software can record the sales as per the regular practices
    • It even can record all the purchase entries as per the accounting principles and  can provide the complete view of the transactions in multiple accounting sheets
    • The Point of Sale Software is capable of generating sales and purchase reports and can bring the balancing figure with exact and accurate calculations that would be precise and self-explaining
    • Apart from recording the sale and purchase transactions, the software even keeps the track of the returned articles
  • Stock and Inventory Record Maintenance:

    • It keeps the record of all the stock available at the store, restaurant, saloon or the ware house
    • It keeps the management and the organizers aware of the available stock and that which is about to end
    • When it comes to the line of food business, it helps keep the lineup of menus for restaurants and keep the record of all the available edible articles in other food stores such as the fish and meat mart
    • Whenever the menu is changed, it makes the amended in the presentation menu
    • It can be scheduled on the basis on chronology to keep the menu items altering
    • The reselling ingredients as well as the in-house usable inventories of saloon and spas can be kept in the software which keeps the status of both the ends updated to the management
    • Everything that comes back to the stores, warehouses and racks or goes back to the supplier are recorded as per the transaction takes place
  • User Access Control:

    • MegTools’ Point of Sale Software is not a single in line module, it is capable of providing separate access control to variety of users
    • Beside an Administrator, there could be the protocols for the employees and customers and can also be ranked accordingly
  • Employee Management:

    • The software has been designed after keeping in view the enterprises of the today’s world which prefer the employee retention and progress of their employees
    • It keeps the record of the attendance of the employees via a number of channels, such as the cam-coding, thumb and finger print scanners, voice recognition, face detector and a number of other modes
    • After the completion of the whole remuneration period, it updates the organizers about the cumulative and individual presence of employees
    • The Point of Sale Software is designed with the double-brain approach that besides just keeping the record of the attendances it even updates the schedule of the shifts
    • It alerts the main system about the change of shift and the employees that are to attend that shift
    • Moreover, it even provides the information about the sectors where the employees are to be deployed, according to the plan
  • Company Information

    • MegTools Point of Sale Software is even an E-commerce solution
    • The customers can simply place an order from their device portal and can get that delivered
    • The software provides them with all the necessary information about the company from which they are doing their purchase
  • Overheads, Operatives and HR:

    • General and base overheads can be maintained using this software
    • Instead of using the detailed black and white necessities of the day book record keeping MegTools has made it easy for its customer, the software is capable of recording all the overhead entries itself and presents a final shape to the viewer
    • Apart from Overhead expenses, it even records the transactions of all the operative expenses according to the accounting heads specified by the international accounting standards
    • The accounting heads can be customized as per the requirements of the business
    • The expert developers of the software has made it easy for the HR departments as they get all the calculation of the pay – outs, remunerations and other benefits and bonuses in just one click by specifying some general data such as the number of days in that month and the gross remuneration
  • Wastage Material:

    • It keeps the record of all the items available in the business according to their serials, barcodes, QR codes and the manufacturing and expiring dates
    • Articles that are about to reach the end of their usable period are notified to the concerned departments according to the specification so that the article may be replaced or costed away
  • Customer Care:

    • Customer is an asset of every business, hence, MegTools has worked this portion out for the businesses
    • The customer record can be maintained in the software, even they can be provided with their own profiles
    • The Point of Sale Software Solution has been programmed to keep the record of the promotions and the loyalty programs for the customers
    • It keeps the individual data of millions of customer, regarding their purchase, loyalty points, redeemed points, market scores, additional offers, deals and sale promotions
  • Miscellaneous Calculations:

    • Beside the record of sale and purchase, the business and the customer has to face a number of other payable and receivable criterion
    • Point of Sale Software System has been designed to calculate every essential leverage that has been settled by the government of the state where it is being used
    • When coming across the suppliers, retail businesses receive trade – offs from the suppliers; the software has been programmed to entitle all the subscriptions received
    • Some bulk sale needs to be entitled with a certain sum of discounts to lure customers, Software for Point of Sale by MegTools can calculate all the entitlements involved in such transactions
    • Black Friday, Saturday, Thanksgiving, Memorable Day, Independence Day and other memorable events are the deal and discount days for the customers; the software can calculate discount on individual item and the whole basket itself, no hassle is there to accumulate the totals manually
  • Payment Modes:

    • Keeping in view the business environment, MegTools POS Software can accept payment from all major sources:
      • Cash
      • Credit and Debit Card payments
      • NFC payments
      • Online payments (such as from PayPal, Skrill.com etc.)
Flow of Business

Businesses flow on the basis of sound accountancy. For that companies need to hire experienced and qualified accountants who can perform the accounting and spend a lot of capital on them.

MegTools made the things easier. Their Point of Sale Software is capable of doing all the proper accounting as per the international accounting principles. The software follows the complete accounting cycle

Journal → Ledger (T – Accounts) → Trial Balances → Adjustments → Profit and Loss accounts → Trading accounts → Balance Sheet → Income Sheet → Equity calculation

Apart from that the software has been designed with the view of proper internal control system. It enables the user to:

  • Keep the record of all cash and credit transactions that take place in the business, which makes the businessmen free from the hassle of maintaining the day books and spending bulk of amount of money on them
  • Maintain the record book of incoming and outgoing vouchers which not only helps in backtracking each transaction but also help the businesses to clear off their accounting heads to the auditors
  • Help the balances of the debit and credit of the receivable and payable which helps in maintaining the income sheets and the balance of the business and helps in analyzing the present standing
  • Hold of the payrolls (provident fund, distributions, bonuses, gratuity, provisional distributions, stipends and other HR products)
  • Make sure of the business standing by a detailed analysis of Income and Balance sheets, assets and liabilities, capital and revenue flow, stock and deficits automatically without the effort of any foreign source

There are a very few companies that provide the customization of the Point of Sale System. MegTools provide 100% customization of their software as per the requirements of the client. From intro till credits, the whole software can be customized, tailored, adjusted and modified as per the needs of the business.

User Friendly Environment

The POS Software has been designed with the view point, “For all to use”. The primitive or the ordinary Retail Software has complex functionality which requires specialized training to use them.

This software is designed for everyone to use whether it’s the organization, the employees or the customers.

Adaptability of the software can be judged as:

  • It supports print from every type of printing device
  • Though the accountancy reports are comprehensive and lengthy but the precise and summarized versions are also presented by the software for a quick preview
  • It has been designed for every platform and every device which means it doesn’t require a whole lot of RAM, hard disk space or the processing capability; it can run on anything
  • Supports millions of customer profiles which doesn’t slows off the track of the data base and the servers
  • It has got attractive, stylish, smooth and soft GUI which is eye – catchy, soothing and attracts the viewer
  • A complete 24/7 tech support is provided for every sort of bug that incurs
  • A complete training program is offered for any difficulty that is felt by the user
Payment Modules

Quite easy and economical payments plans are offered by the company for their clients. The plans have been created keeping in view the present economic conditions and the best suitable structure for the business community.

  • The First Payment package, that is for an year, holds a number of benefits for the clients:
    • The client can get 3 months free customization
    • Can have full online tech support for the whole 1 year
    • Training and installation of the software are totally free
  • After the package has expired and the client is willing to go ahead:
    • Re-contract is provided
    • Tech and support is charged but at a very low price