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The conventional retailing business is the Grocery Store Business. Since decades they had been in the state of business and are found in every part of the world. They are either small or medium size business enterprises.

Usually grocery stores find difficulty while managing their stock and inventory. Moreover they even face hindrances when managing their staff. The conventional Grocery POS Software and the Retail Software have overlooked a number of issues involved in the grocery stores.

Primary and Secondary Functions:

The primary function of the grocery business stays confined with purchase of goods from wholesalers and selling it to the consumers. Apart from that there are a number of secondary operations of the grocery stores:

  • Delivering goods to the consumers at their homes
  • Bringing the demands of the articles that are not frequently sold, on the request of the consumers
  • Competing with the other grocery stores operating in the society
  • Presenting competitive price levels
  • Bringing up deals and promotions to lure customers
  • Charitable operations

Concerning these all operations to the IT and Retail Software world, then there is nothing in this regard that is presented by the later versions. Though some grocery store owners hire developers to provide them with custom software, but it remains too much costly and carries a number of bugs that are rectified time to time, which is even charged by the developer.

MegTools Point of Sale System:

MegTools have been studying the forms of business since long. The study resulted in creation of software to deal with every primary and secondary operation of a business. Though the primary operation of every business is to sell and provide service but the secondary operations are different for every form.

The Point of Sale System has an entire segment of Grocery POS Software. It not only takes care of the primary operation, but even helps the entrepreneur in managing the secondary operations as well as the accounting and managerial section.


Point of Sale System comes with a number of features. The features can be customized as per the size and kind of business. It offers a wide range of accounting practices, according to the standards of IAS (International Accounting Standards) and has a complete section for managerial performances.

It provides:

  • A complete log for sales, which include the recording of sale, printing of sale invoice and summarizing the sales chronologically
  • It records the purchases and even creates the tabular and graphical presentation of the difference between purchases and sales
  • It helps the HR department in generating the payroll, gratuity, calculation of provident fund and other benefits
  • Manages the shifts of staff
  • Calculates the taxes, as per the provision of the state
  • Helps in the performance of rebate and special discounts offered in any promotion or deal
  • It is a Cloud VPN, which is not confined to be used within the premises of grocery store over the computers; it can be accessed over multiple devices at a time (whether smartphones or laptops)
  • It creates the profiles for the consumers so that they can order anything using the dashboard of the software and can get it delivered; moreover the profiles can be logged by the admin to learn about the details of the consumers and their likeness, along with their chronological shopping budget

It a complete business solution, that can manage the whole business on its own, with simple keystrokes.