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Gym management system
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Gym Management Software


Gymnasiums and the fitness centers provide a special kind of service. It requires some more time to manage the errands run to prosper the business entity of this kind. The standard Retail software and POS Software did not elucidate to the functional areas of the gyms. It required some sort of special need that could work as the assistant manager of the gym.

MegTools Point of Sale System:

The specialized software that holds all the prerequisites for a gym is the Point of Sale System presented by MegTools. All the relevant queries of the gym are addressed properly in this system.

Assistant Manager of Gym:

The software works as the assistant manager of the gym. It holds a branch within, which generates the entire procession of all the managerial techniques required by gyms. It provides:

  • Periodic assessment of the prevailing business competition
  • Umbrella to cover all the operations taken out in a gym
  • Maintaining the database of the members
  • Generating the chronology and management of shifts for coaches and custodian staff

Gym owners now don’t have to stay in the darkness of ignorance and misconception of the business standing. They can have a complete performance report of the business on any of their device, whether a smartphone or a laptop.

iPad Counters:

Point of Sale System is based on the Cloud VPN and JAD ventures. It enables the entrepreneurs to get the application running over every device installed in gym and controlled by the employees, members and partners.

iPad counters, being the latest of the business progress management is supported by the software because of its strong network and connectivity preferences. This enables the owners, members and employees to:

  • Manage the shift management through the options over the iPad
  • Members can review the assets and services of the business which could be shared socially and can be used by the owners to improve the business standards
  • Receive and send all social beams for the digital marketing of the business

Cost Management:

The POS System is equipped with all the accounting methods, techniques and follows the International Accounting Standards. This feature of the software provides a complete accounting solution to the gyms from managing the petty cash expense to holding a competition among gyms.

Budgetary and Cost management has been thoroughly addressed in the software as it is the blood flow of every business. Gym owners don’t have to hire an accountant at a costly wager to calculate the expenses and incomes of the gym; instead MegTools Point of Sale System provides them:

  • Complete report about the operative expenses
  • Receipt transactions and income report
  • Expanded parameters for revenue generation and points where the finance could be invested
  • Accumulated Profit sheets
  • Consolidated balance sheets

One for All:

The closet of the IT sector has been blessing the business community with the wonders of progress and development. Among them the Point of Sale System lies in the best. The continuous upgrade, betterment and low cost of the software are real a blessing for the Gyms.