Hypermarket and Supermarket Software


Hyper and Super Market Management Software

Hyper and Super Markets:

The enormous business structure to run over the category of the retailing business is the Hyper and Super Markets. This kind of business venture has quite vast level of operational catalogue. The operations so – counted does not only stick to the conventional retailing, but they even occupy a major scale of customer satisfaction and employee management.

Retail Software:

The present age is expected to ease the business entities that lie in this domain. But unfortunately the standard Retailing Software has no reception for such a business beside the recording of sale and printing the sales invoice.

Much of the task remained over the shoulders of the administrative and managerial staff. The entrepreneurs hired the services of developers to design them custom Super Market Management Software that could process all of their operations, especially the one that could help them in adjusting their journals, but such software are quite expensive for the business. A generalized study relates that such software costs at least $5000 to an organization.


MegTools is the developer of the Point of Sale System. It is specialized business software that has everything that a business needs. Whatever the business is, with respected to its type and size, POS System has all the operational needs of that business within.

In the same manner the POS System helped out a number of hyper and super markets around the globe.

Containments of POS System:

The Point of Sale System has a variety of operations for the hyper and super markets. It offers:

  • The recording of sales and printing of invoices which is the conventional primary business software process
  • Staff management with respect to their credentials and their shifts
  • HR management, which involves the processes of accumulation of the payroll, calculation of gratuity and other bonuses, division of the provident fund and much more like these
  • Complete accountancy suite which deals with financial, cost and managerial accounting with all the subject matter and in accordance to the International Accounting Standards
  • Inventory and stock management which informs the management about the products that are about to reach their expiry and the products that are about to end

Multi-Dimensional System:

MegTools Point of Sale System is a multi – dimensional software. It not just works over the till computers within the market, but even goes on for the linked devices, such as the smartphone of the manager, tablet of the entrepreneur or the smartphone of the customer.

The entrepreneur can easily get to the position of the business using the POS System as it provides the Profit and Loss statements in concise state that point out the prominent issues.

Customer Profiling:

The customers can create their personal profiles for the market using the Point of Sale System. The software offers an entire dashboard solution for the customers where they can pinpoint their wish list and can shop from their home using a variety of payment modes, including the Credit Cards and online payment methods.

The profiles of the customers can be logged by the entrepreneur or the manager to check out the leading sale ratios and the favorite product of the month.