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Laundry Management Software


There are a number of laundries working in every block of the cities. Because of their huge presence, there is a massive competition going among the laundry businesses. It would have been observed that usually laundries cater the rebates and special offers, just to lure more and more customers and remain high on the competition.

Laundry Management:

It’s not like piece of a cake to manage a laundry business. Apart from the basic operations of cleaning and maintenance of the washing devices, there is too much else to cater as well, especially when there is massive competition going around.

To manage the sales, laundries use the basic Retail Software or the POS Software. They are helpful in entering sales, generating sales invoice and totaling the sales, but beside these functions these software has nothing more to offer.

When it comes to the promotional operations, management, administration, visitors’ log, inventory control, there is nothing to offer by these standard Retail Software.

Point of Sale System:

The innovation of the MegTools “Point of Sale Software” is a genuine business operative. It has everything that a business needs. It offers:

  • Sales generation, invoice printing and sales logs
  • Preparation of relevant accountancy sheets
  • Inventory control system
  • Visitors’ log register
  • Customer logs
  • Social promotions

Indeed it’s a great support for every size of the business. If you are at entry level, it will guide you through all the steps to run a business; if you are standing at the intermediate level, it will assist you to pave your way through and if you are at the professional, it will help you out with the difficult business decisions.

Laundry Management System:

Laundries require having the database of their members and frequently visiting clients. More over some laundries have hired the custodian staff members to assist the customers in washing. Those require the management of the staff at every level. The fixed asset (the washing devices) needs to have some proper look for the maintenance and upgrades if available. The washing ingredient, detergents and scents, are counted as the recurring assets which are to be stocked before they run out.

After the operations are performed, entrepreneurs need to have the plans to be on top of the competition. For that rebate and special discount policies are planned.

This is where the MegTools Point of Sale System leads the rest and provides the most exceptional features. In this regard it offers:

  • Staff management and beneficiary system
  • Staff shift management
  • HR management, such as the payroll, leaves, offs, holidays, gratuity calculation and presentation
  • Customer logs and profiles
  • Overview of the operating devices and the operational ages along with their present condition of functionality
  • Inventory and stock management system, it tells the expiry of any stock or the stock that is about to run out
  • Social promotional networks where the business can be promoted and special offers and deals can be put
  • Calculation of the rebate, special discounts and other offers; there are just once required to be specified and rest is done by POS System