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Pharmacy Management Software


The industry of Pharmaceutical compromises of significant business of intellect. The lifesaving drugs require compliance of specific knowledge in order to provide these services. In the pharmacy business, apart from the chemist, pharmacist and the expert, a manager is even required to take care of administrative, managerial and inventory related operations.

Pharmacy Software:

In the past, some developers provided the standard Retail Software to the pharmacy businesses. These software were able to generate the sales log and print an invoice of the sales done, but weren’t able to provide any summary of the purchase and difference between sales and purchases.

The corridor of the accountancy and management remained solely over the manager, and the tasks mainly remained unaccomplished.

Need of the Hour:

Following the competition, some of the pharmacy entrepreneurs hired the services of developers to provide them with a Pharmacy Management Software, but it costed too much to them.

Well, thanks to MegTools for providing them most economical and a business friendly solution, the Point of Sale System. POS System is totally business oriented software, which not only takes care of the sale over the till, but even caters all the accounts related issues, along with the managerial tasks.

Purely Accountant:

Point of Sale System has been designed to provide assistance in accounting matters. It has been equipped with all the formats and methods to calculate the differences between the transactions. Expert accounts personnel have worked day in and out to make it non – vulnerable for all accounting standards and follow the regulations of International Accounting Standards (IAS).

The POS System can:

  • Generate sales invoice
  • Enter the sales record
  • Prepare the summary of the sales chronologically
  • Assemble the sheets for purchase record
  • Marginalize the difference between the sales and purchase
  • Create the Journals, Ledgers, Trial Balances, Balance Sheets, Trading accounts and Profit and loss accounts as per the standards of IAS

Beside these it’s a complete help for a pharmacy business to keep the record of their sales and purchases.


POS System works on behalf of the manager. It assimilates the record of the inventory and alarms when some stock has gone below the minimum level. Apart from standard inventory operations, it even provides information about the stock that is about to expire. Someway or other it reduces the tasks of the manager, and even it provides all these information instantaneously.

Client Support:

MegTools designed Point of Sale System in multi dimensions. The software is not only concerned with the perspective of sales and purchases, but it even works as a dashboard. It provides the facility to create the accounts of the clients and keep log of their med requirement and frequently dosed med. Even the clients can even access their accounts created over the software.

Virtual Shopping:

Virtual basket is the venture of the e – commerce business sections, such as the Amazon or else. Same like Point of Sale System follows abide by the concepts of the virtual basket. Manager or Entrepreneur can add the products over the software those are available in the business and the customer can pick them from the virtual link.

It makes the business expandable over multiple blocks of the society.