What is better than having everything ready to cater to your needs right under one roof? Other than point of sale solutions and software, MegTools, makes sure to equip its customers with all the ammunition they will need when they leap into the future! Be it hardware or software, we specialize in a number of products hence allowing you to experience this journey into the digital world with extreme style and poise!

Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, we have your needs and specifications ready and set to the point! Here’s what you can easily get at our one stop shop venture.

Point of sale software

If you are looking for a cheap point of sale system that is easily navigable by the layman than you have definitely got to try the POS systems and solutions MegTools offers. Be it restaurant management software or retail management software for supermarkets and the likes of such, MegTools has all your needs properly scrutinized and analyzed.

With point of sale software comes point of sale solutions for different enterprises that occasionally find themselves in a fix! From fixing restaurant ordering systems to developing a high tech customized retail billing software for pharmacies etc, MegTools has all of these mastered to the core. Having already worked with over 52000 retail and restaurant business in almost 86 countries, we have the capabilities of developing the right point of sale software that will blow your competition out of this world! What’s even better, you can choose any two languages that you would like your software to be in too!

Billing machine

MegTools offers a variety of different kinds of billing machines that can be used by retail and restaurant business alike. Whether you believe it or not, having a steady and sturdy billing machine will only add extra value to your point of sale system. A high quality billing machine can vary between models like the Bill detecting machine, the portable billing machine, electronic billing machine, an automatic billing machine and many more.

Looking for a billing machine which not only has a compact design, but is extremely functional and offers its user easy usage is an expertise that we have mastered. Keeping your business needs in check, MegTools, offers you the perfect billing machine that will cater to your work like a pro!

Some of our billing machines come with added perks and functions like:

  • adding taxes and discounts
  • supporting different departmental needs individually
  • Low power consumption but with the most effective and accurate results
  • Beautiful finishing and longer life
  • Graphic displays and longer battery lives

Handheld Machine

Having worked with a variety of industries, MegTools comes fully equipped with the experience and knowledge needed to help you make the right decisions with the hardware options you choose for your business. Our consultants are forever ready to cater to your most intricate queries, providing you with the best of the best solutions to your every problem.

With a growing business you are definitely looking for a fast billing machine, and what’s better than a compact, light weight handheld billing machine which will make cutting bills on the go easier than ever? At MegTools, you have the option of going through our huge range of handheld billing machines and choosing the right one to cater to your business needs. Most top of the line handheld billing machines nowadays come with the capacity to manage over 1000 accounts in one go! If you are looking for other specifications, please try our customer service representatives that will forever be around to help you with all the queries you have.


Point of sale machine

Whether you are running a small, medium or large enterprise that handles a number of transactions ranging from credit or cash payments, chances are you are using a number of hardware to manage these like cash registers, credit card machines or even point of sale machines. Only difference between these and a point of sale machine is that, such a high tech model has the capacity to handle transactions that are beyond such sales.

Other things that are easily handled by a point of sale machine include processing discounts, check payments, taking into account special discount offers and many more like these. A point of sale machine has the capacity to manage a number of different things ranging from inventory to office management. And you are in luck because MegTools not only designs a customized Point Of Sale System for you but also equips you with the best of the best machine to go with it!


Point of Sale Printer

At the end of the day, you need reports. And not just the regular looking ones you get from your employees, but the highly accurate to the point and extremely diverse reports in the form of receipts that your point of sale machine will be responsible for.

Having a sturdy and always available point of sale printer is an extremely important component for your business. You may have the fasted point of sale system and the most high tech machine to compliment it, but without the right printer all of this is of no use because you will not be able to get hardcopies of reports and receipts that your pos system will be developing and generating by the minute!

To help you overcome this problem, MegTools, offers its users a complete system package with a point of sale software, machine and printer that are specifically put together to cater to your businesses individual needs.


Label printer

A strong point of sale system and machine will have the capacity to develop labels side by side with a complete inventory check and office management scheme. These labels are extremely important to a variety of businesses ranging from restaurants to retail businesses. However, developing them maybe the software working but printing them will require having a sturdy printer to cater to your large spools of labels!

At MegTools, you can find a label printer that compliments the exact nature of your job. With proper sales analysis that your point of sale software will generate, we can you help pick out the best label printer from our long list of printers to get the job done!


Barcode scanner

With changing times and advancements in technology, bar code scanners have now been made smaller and more compact than its recently used counterparts. Depending on the nature of your business and its tedious requirements, chances are your point of sale machine will be having a bar code scanner of its own. After all, this top of the line hardware has been built specifically to make your life easier and faster.

Once you enter the digital world, there is definitely no going back! And with MegTools, you can be sure to find the top of the line hardware that will individually cater to your business needs. We have a variety of bar code scanners to offer to our customers which means now you don’t have to worry about scanning the online blogs and spending hours and hours to find the right one that suits your needs.



With any business, you always require a vast variety of consumable that are being used up relatively quicker than other assets of the company. These consumables are the bread and butter of the business, and having reliable ones will not only increase the overall value of your company but will also help make the running of your business smooth and steady.

At MegTools, you will come across different office consumables that can be customized to your office needs as well. These include pens, paper, ink cartridges, file folders, post-aids, toners, envelopes, bags, notebooks etc. We also offer services of adding customizable logos to each of these consumables according to need highlighted by the customer. Some of our customers have also availed our customizing services to add to our list of consumables. In all, MegTools caters to a vast array of consumable items that are needed for the day to day running of your business. Whether you are running a restaurant, retail business or even a business that offers services to its customers, in either case, we have all your consumable taken care of to the point!