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Among the services provision business, the Real Estate business has the enormous competition going around in the whole world. Whether it’s the 1st world, 2nd world or the 3rd world, everywhere the Real Estate business plays a pivotal role to provide with the inhabitants with economical and luxurious pieces of land.

When the operations and performances of the business are studied, then one would definitely find too much detail in the happenings. To manage all the stuff related to this kind of business is not like a walk in the park. It requires specialized set of skills to look after such matters.

Biased Retail Software:

Retail Software had never opted to provide resources for the performances of such business entities. Legality and revenues need to be addressed eloquently to stay on track and keep up with the course of development. Rather there is not much physical development affairs available, but the virtual world can put the business among the high revenue landmarks. Real Estate entrepreneurs have to take care of:

  • Sale and Purchase of lands
  • Building and renovation of houses and edifices
  • Scattering the agricultural land for natural produce and barren for construction
  • Maintaining the record of the sales department
  • Abiding the legal standards of the respective state
  • Following the competition and staying ahead in this race

Discussing the specifications of the standard Retail Software, then only a single quote remains behind that depriving the entrepreneur from the course of development. Though the standard POS Software are not much designed to even support the sale and purchase operations of the Real Estate as they mainly focus over the Retail setup.

A Prominent Solution:

MegTools have been working over the study of business management informatics since long. The study proved to be fruitful when they introduced Point of Sale System. It’s a complete business solution that addresses each corridor of every type of business.

Real Estate Management Solution:

The Point of Sale System has adequate resources to perform all the tasks that are performed in the real estate business. From inauguration till the sale of a prospect, the POS System has every solution to all the related and adjacent tasks.

It provides the following operational functions:

  • Record of assets on for sale
  • Asset in the process of maintenance
  • A complete history of the transaction, from the token money till the final payment
  • Maintenance of the Accounting records to satisfy the auditory reports
  • Management of the Sales department and the agents hired for sale

Apart from the operational functions, it even performs some auxiliary tasks:

  • Keeping the record of other businesses to show the performance of the competition
  • Provides the standing of the business among the rest
  • Presents chronological assessment of finance and budget
  • Presents a comprehensive accounting statement showing the earning
  • Maintains the database of the customers
  • Provides social media presentation of the business

The Point of Sale System is virtual software which is not confined to a single or multiple computer systems of the business; rather it can be used over the iPads, smartphones, tablets and laptops of the owner. It provides business information to the owner even if he is not in the office.