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Sales & Distribution POS Software System

Like the rest of the two, the sales and distribution is an amazing kind of business. It is full of creativity and exploration. Rather it’s a form of arts.

The categories in this type of business are certainly different from each other and require a different set of solutions for their business processing.

Saloons and Spas:

These are among the delicate form of businesses. They are concerned with human body and skin which needs a lot of delicacy and attention. The organizers are to be specially qualified to take out the processing of these businesses.

When the organizers need to be settled with their qualifications and performances, they definitely need someone to take care of the stock and inventory, tools, units, employees and fiscal matters.

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In this way they have to employee personnel to perform all such tasks as the common Spa POS system and the Saloon Point of Sale Software are just designed for sale.

Consequently the businesses have to spend more on black and white articles and the labor. To cut down all such costs, the MegTools Point of Sale Software has resolved all such issues as it provides all the solutions of sales record, inventory maintenance, employees’ shift management and many other tasks.


It’s a specialized form of business. These bulk dealers need a quick and prompt reply from all sides. The producer, retailer, government, customers, maintenance and employees are some major points to cater while running a wholesale business.

There has been no Wholesale Business POS Software yet but the MegTools Software for Point of Sale is a solution to all business problems. The approaches are even further defined in detail which helps the businesses to go smooth and steady.

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The bulk dealers need strong accounting records to be clear at the part of the producers and the government policies. MegTools software works as the Financial Accounting POS and as the cost accountant which helps the wholesalers in shape of a professional accountant.

The wholesale businesses rely much on credit transaction rather than cash transaction. The receivables are always greater in amount than payable. The software enables the businessmen to account all the credit transactions and makes them safe from losing any entry.

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