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Saloon and Spa Software

Saloons and spas provide a distinct kind of service. It is mainly involved in the fitness and health services. Since long the saloons and spas have been in service and presently there are too many experts around which has increased the competition among all the organization.

The best is to be recognized by its service but it requires too much to promote the services offered.

Standard Retail Software:

Saloon and spas require some distinct kind of application that could cope up with the features of this kind of business. The ordinary Retail Software programs are not capable of providing the specialized features apart from the operations of sales.

What happens is that the saloon and spa owners have to run errands on their own to promote the business, which at times becomes too much hectic.

The Best Solution:

When concerned with the operations of this distinct kind of business, and putting some IT reinforcement, then there had been nothing in the past. Though some saloons and spas had custom software, but they costed too much.

MegTools offer the Saloon and Spa Software within their Point of Sale System which is eloquently a business setup. It does not confine with ordinary sales and totals, it provides a vast range of features to the business.

Staff Management:

The POS System provides the facility to maintain the staff operations. It helps in:

  • Maintaining shifts
  • HR payrolls
  • Working hours and wagers
  • Holidays, leaves and offs of the staff

Beside these, there are number of other features related to the staff management for the Saloons and Spas. It’s indeed a great help in reducing the task of managing the staff especially the shift management.

Client Support:

Clients of the saloons and spas, having the MegTools Point of Sale System, can create their personal accounts. The accounts are even logged into the main device having the primary access. Client support feature provides:

  • A complete dashboard for the client from where all the information regarding the services rendered and required can be retrieved
  • It has the database of the clients
  • Client logs can be used by the entrepreneur in learning about the choice of service of the client
  • Promote new deals and offers

Accounting and Inventory Management:

Accounting is the blood line of every business. Without accountancy it’s pretty hard to develop and prosper a business entity. Inventory has to be looked keenly to keep everything updated and completed before it goes obsolete, expired or finishes. In this context MegTools Point of Sale System provides the best of its features:

  • It’s a complete accounting software, having all the operations of Financial, Cost and Managerial accounting
  • Due to comprehensive accounting structure, it can perform all the operations of the business transactions and can generate relevant sheets
  • If the business has to go through some audit, Point of Sale System has already prepared everything according to the International Accounting Standards
  • It keeps the record of all recurring and sale purpose stock and alarms the manager or the entrepreneur (whoever authorized) about the expiry and end of any stock