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A multitasking Point of Sale Software by MegTools which not just only calculates revenue, but it even helps the businessmen to maneuver their business moves according to the statistics and the prevailing conditions.

Certainly such an active player of the business should have some active features and proactive business solutions. This is what the developers kept in mind before getting into the coding phase.

The codes of the program have been compiled in an enhanced and appraised manner. The layout has been sketched after going through a number of surveys and collecting data from every form and type of business whether it’s a singleton business, a partnership or a stock holding company in the form of either a chain of restaurants or a retail shop.

The comprehensiveness of the software can be judged by the areas served by it. Whatever the form of business is it, has been addressed properly according to all the needs of that kind of business that would suit the employer, employee and the customer.

Types of Business:

Commerce, economics and business studies have their own classification of the business types. But let’s move according to our own approaches, the IT approach, and classify the business types in those regards:

  • Retailers include:
    • Super markets
    • Hyper markets
    • Grocers
    • Pharmacists
    • Clothes and shoes outlets
    • Cosmeticians
    • Life style and fashion shops
    • Specialized retails (such as antique)
    • Scent shops
    • Jewelers
    • and some other of the same type
  • Restaurants include:
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Chicken, meat and fish shops
    • Vegetable Vendors
    • Cafeterias
    • Bakers and Confectioners
    • Juice and ice-cream parlors
    • Candy shops
    • Fast foods
    • Bars
    • and a few more similar kinds
  • Sales and Distribution include:
    • Boutiques
    • Saloons and spas
    • Wholesalers
    • and some other of this type are the inclusion of this type of business
  • Different include:
    • Service providers
    • Automobile dealers
    • Vehicles renters
    • Gasoline stations
    • Vehicle servicing points
    • and some more of this kind are the inclusion of this type of business

Generalized Solutions:

MegTools Point of Sale Software provides a number of solutions for the businesses, fitting each department and every ratio of stock, like:

  • It is a multi-lingual software, which can show up to two languages at a time
  • It shows the menus, stock reports, spa and saloon programs along with customizable pictures
  • It supports the table design formats for the accounting sheets, data records, stock reports and analysis charts
  • It presents the menu reports of all the available articles
  • Whatever the business type is, it accepts the payment from any form, whether cash, credit card, online or NFC
  • It provides the customers to place an order, make a sales return, determine the pickup time and mention the delivery spot
  • Purchase vs. Sales analytics are shown graphically for better understanding
  • Customer can make online purchase and can change the item in the basket or simply put it back in the rack
  • It helps in generating the Local Purchase Orders report and the Letter of Credit criteria analysis sheets
  • Generates and prints the purchase invoices in a real fast manner
  • Can manage multiple business places from one location and on every device

The Retail POS System has been designed in a way to facilitate every business that has been marked as a retailing category format. Retail Software is generally meant to record sales. But MegTools has revolutionized the world of computerized business performance by providing all the retail solutions in one Retail POS Software.

The features would elaborate all that this software can do besides just recording sales. It’s more than a POS System for Sale, rather it’s a business advisor that guides and advices the businessman at each step.

Hyper and Super Markets:

The enormous hyper markets and the semi – enormous super markets have to keep a record of all their sales, purchases, inventory, staff, surveillance, visitation, stock, promotions, loyalty programs and a lot of other stuff.

Point of Sale Solutions with the simple integration of sales record is never fruitful for such huge markets and they direly require something apart from mere billing machines. A proper Supermarket Software is the only solution to address all the areas of the hyper and super markets.

MegTools answered all the queries of these market structures and brought their business companion which can perform all those tasks which they require in the processing of stores. Now the mega stores don’t have to rely on expensive developers who would design them Retail Software which won’t work more than a billing machine.

Whether it’s about the employees’ attendance, shift management, customer relations, customer data maintenance, stock merchandizing or any other department, it has been clearly addressed in the software which helps in reducing the stationary, labour and the operative expenses.

Grocers and Pharmacists:

Grocery stores and marts and the Pharmacy stores have a distinguished class of business. They require the day to day maintenance of the record of the stock kept for sale. The Retail Billing Software and the Pharmacy Billing Software simply provides an environment to run over the computer systems to do the same job that was done over a type – writer format till. The administrative and operative issues are addressed expressively by the Point of Sale Software of the MegTools.

It helps the grocers and pharmacists to keep a proper check and balance on all the stock items for sale and notify about any shortage, about the products having less sale, the products mostly sold and the items that are going to reach their expiries.

In some way or other it works as the store manager and keeps the organizers aware of everything that happens and all that needs attention. Not just the mega stores, the grocers are even provided with the features of staff management which helps the organizers more in getting done with their things neatly, accurately and precisely.

Clothes and Shoes Outlets, Cosmeticians and Scent Shops:

These are the traditional, classified and the most common format of business. All of these businesses have different articles to offer to their customers, but the operatives, overheads and miscellaneous expenses and the ways of collecting income in all these are similar.

Even in some parts of the world, the employment manner in these businesses is even same. The rules and regulations for employment followed by the Cosmetics store would be the same as that of the Scent shop and the duty hours allowed by the Clothes and apparel shop would length the same as that of the Shoes mart.

The ordinary Retail Billing Software has been in the business since their introduction to the world, but do they really help out the business processing? Definitely not, neither they inform the organizers about the stock nor help them out in publicizing the promotions and deals.

To end the worries and the hassle of the business community, the MegTools designed the Point of Sale Software in a way that it helps the businesses to promote all the deals and offers easily with simple entitlements.

Life Style and Fashion Shops, Specialized Retails and Jewellers:

Such form of retail type business is certainly unique in nature. Proper research is required to process this form of business.

What they offer is certainly not the question, but how are they supposed to get ease in their processes is the main question. But worries are to be answered eloquently to get the right path, which has been provided by the MegTools.

Due to the uniqueness of the stock and abundance of variation, the Retail Point of Sale Software appeared to be sluggish and inadequate while feeding the data. But the Point of Sale Software is a class apart. It can store up to millions of entries of the stock according to their variations, sizes, kinds, colours and other specifications.

This helps the businessmen to get rid of their stock registers which slow down the pace of their business recordings while they find the article in the register. Just simply enter either the name of the article or any code allotted and the article detail will pop up on the screen.



Restaurant POS by


Restaurant POS Software is another section of MegTools Point of Sale Software. The standard Restaurant Point of Sale got the software that works as the Retail Billing Software as well as Restaurant Ordering System. While some businesses of Restaurant type do not have the later one, they rely over the manual hawking.

There is a lot much to do when it comes to the food business. A number of things are to be catered and taken care off. The smallest of the mistakes can levy heavy penalties over the business.

This is what MegTools worked out. The software has been designed to take care of all accounting and administrative matters leaving the organizers to focus on food items as they are the biological products and need naked eye attention.


The mega food and relaxation industry has mega needs. The POS Systems Used in Restaurants, the Retail Billing Software and the Restaurant Ordering System Software are used in a combined shape in the hotels.

The mega business needs proper consideration of food, hygiene, vigilance, surveillance, security and much more, which is not possible with the standard Retail Software.

Though a number of hotels rely on customized development, but that is costly for the organization. MegTools Point of Sale Software is a complete solution to all the operations of the hotels.

It eases the entrepreneurs in the columns of administrative and accountancy related tasks so that they may easily pay attention to the food articles and the hygiene matters. Whether it’s the shift management of the employees, their attendance, shipping, returns to a supplier or the journal entries of the sale transactions, they are all taken care by the software with very simple entries.

Restaurants, Cafeterias, Juice and Ice – Cream Parlours, Fast Foods and Bars:

There is a lot of charm, enhancement and energy in the food business. Along with all this a lot of care, attention and focus in also required.

The Restaurants, Cafeterias, Juice and Ice – Cream Parlours, Fast Foods and Bars have been in the business through ages. They differ according to the places, traditions, customs, likeness of the inhabitants and availability of the food items in those areas. Hence, there business requirements differ according to the region they are working in.

POS Systems Used in Restaurants are the general Retail Billing Software. They provide help only in the recording of sales of the restaurant type businesses. This does not ease the workings of the restaurant organizers and employees.

Restaurants, Cafeterias, Juice and Ice – Cream Parlours, Fast Foods and Bars are quite alike. They just differ with a bit of differences of the appearance, style and presentation of the food. The Point of Sale Software can ease the working of the restaurant type business organizers and employees to an extent of operations and overheads.

The Restaurant POS Open Source software, Fast Food POS System or the Simple POS Systems for Restaurants were indeed a great help with their standard Restaurant POS Program which could perform all necessary calculations, but the times today are very much different.

This allows them with the space to serve better food to their guests and earn more goodwill and fame.

Bakers and Candy Shops:

It is the sweetest and one of the vulnerable businesses. They contain the delicious of the articles with shortest expiries. A very prompt and vigilant approach is required to run this kind of business.

Due to the massive competition, the general Retail POS Solutions of simply recording sale can’t serve the purpose rightly. The comparative analysis of the business remains on the hands of the organizers to perform it manually.

Thanks to the MegTools Point of Sale Software. It has provided ease and leisure for all the business formats. It helps in generating reports for the business from the data fed into it and presents it to the organizers in a number of ways.

It provides the Sales vs. Purchase graphical analysis which would show how much investment and income has shown up. Similarly, a number of other solutions are provided which helps the businesses to maintain their position and be a strong competitor.

Chicken, Meat and Fish Shops and Vegetable Vendors:

These are the raw, semi – raw and prepared preserved food business. There requirements are almost alike, it only differs in type of food they offer. The restaurant type businesses have almost the same issues and are generally the small and medium sized businesses.

The major focus and attention of the organizers and the employees is required over the foods contained as they expire quite quickly, even though they are preserved. POS Billing Software can prove worthy for all the retail sale transactions, but the managerial and operative records and operations are not performed by those software.

There is a massive competition at this level. These businesses have to even ponder their business standing to challenge their competitors. For the cause they need to have promotions, deals and pay – offs to attract more and more customers.

This is where the MegTools Point of Sale Software proves to be the best as it helps them out to throw away attractions towards customers so that more may come in.

Sales & Distribution POS


Like the rest of the two, the sales and distribution is an amazing kind of business. It is full of creativity and exploration. Rather it’s a form of arts.

The categories in this type of business are certainly different from each other and require a different set of solutions for their business processing.

Saloons and Spas:

These are among the delicate form of businesses. They are concerned with human body and skin which needs a lot of delicacy and attention. The organizers are to be specially qualified to take out the processing of these businesses.

When the organizers need to be settled with their qualifications and performances, they definitely need someone to take care of the stock and inventory, tools, units, employees and fiscal matters.

In this way they have to employee personnel to perform all such tasks as the common Spa POS system and the Saloon Point of Sale Software are just designed for sale.

Consequently the businesses have to spend more on black and white articles and the labour. To cut down all such costs, the MegTools Point of Sale Software has resolved all such issues as it provides all the solutions of sales record, inventory maintenance, employees’ shift management and many other tasks.


It’s a specialized form of business. These bulk dealers need a quick and prompt reply from all sides. The producer, retailer, government, customers, maintenance and employees are some major points to cater while running a wholesale business.

There has been no Wholesale Business POS Software yet but the MegTools Point of Sale Software is a solution to all business problems. The approaches are even further defined in detail which helps the businesses to go smooth and steady.

The bulk dealers need strong accounting records to be clear at the part of the producers and the government policies. MegTools software works as the Financial Accounting POS and as the cost accountant which helps the wholesalers in shape of a professional accountant.

The wholesale businesses rely much on credit transaction rather than cash transaction. The receivables are always greater in amount than payables. The software enables the businessmen to account all the credit transactions and makes them safe from losing any entry.

Different Business POS Solutions by


Some businesses are unique in nature and it is hard to find a better class for them as they are self-explaining. Like the services provided by a lawyer are really unique or the services of a physician are certainly unremarkable and are hard to be classified as they name them themselves.

While going through the business requirements, these businesses have a varied class of necessities and a different section of the provision. The ordinary POS Billing Software isn’t much expressive in answering their needs.

That’s why the MegTools Point of Sale System is the best option for all such businesses as it tackles with every business need.

Service Providers:

Freelancers, programmers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, physical trainers and other service providers have different degrees of providing their services. Some work from home and some work at the corporate level.

The corporate level businesses have to go through a number of business matters, which are fiscal and non – fiscal in nature. The client database, services required by the clients, government duties, charges according to the services and a number of other matters are to be addressed in these businesses.

The ordinary POS System is unable to address all such needs. The MegTools Point of Sale System is specialized software of the Point of Sale Industry.

It has all the functionality required by every sort of business. It can keep the record of millions of customers, can classify them according to their needs, can adjust the prices of the services according to the state charges and other adjustments and much more apart from this is offered.

Automobile Dealers and Vehicle Renters:

Automobile dealers and Vehicle Renters need a bridge to publicize their business. Point of Sale System provides a very strong and powerful bridge to the customers to reach the automobile dealers and vehicle renters. Automobile dealers and vehicle renters need to throw out promotions and vehicle modification deals to lure customers.

The standard POS System has nothing to offer in this regard. But the Point of Sale System is well equipped to perform all such tasks. The pictures of the vehicles, modifications available, rents, fares and other deals and promotions can be posted over the business portals with the help of this software.

It enables the automobile dealers and renters to enjoy their sales rather than being worried about how to uproot the business entity.

Gasoline Stations and Vehicle Servicing Points:

Gasoline stations and the vehicle servicing points are certainly the similar category businesses, but the gasoline stations resemble the retail businesses while the vehicle servicing points seem like the service providers.

When going across the requirements of each business, one would definitely find that they are almost same, as the shift management of the employees, collection of revenue, offers, deals and promotions.

Gasoline stations have to even cope with the cost of gas, while the vehicle servicing points don’t cater such requirements. There are some exceptions available, but by any hook or crook they are a matter of similar orientation and infrastructure.

Order placements, employee management, stock management, purchase and sale analysis, competition analysis, business standings and a number of postulates are the ventures of both the businesses.

As like other business types, these businesses have also not been eased and facilitated much, apart from sales recording. The specialities of the MegTools Point of Sale Software are something that is a dire requirement for such businesses to ease us stay up in the market.

Why MegTools Point of Sale Software?

All the specified features, functionality and operations if aren’t enough to understand that still why businesses should go for the MegTools Point of Sale Software, then some glimpse to the offerings of the software can do the trick:

  • Want to keep the record of your sales and purchases and want to analyse them in tabular state and graphically then go for it…
  • Want to know about the best stock for sale, the least favourite selling article and the remains then go for it…
  • Need to cut down your business’ operational expenses such as the stationary and additional labour then go for it…
  • Want to promote your business then go for it…
  • Want to learn about the statistics of your earning then go for it…
  • Want to be good with your employees then go for it…
  • Want to lure customers then go for it…


It’s indeed a blessing!