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TRANSPORT Managment system
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Transport Management Software


Carriers of reserve and common nature have distinct kind of service provision. Since centuries transporting has been a root business of every society. It’s a business complement to other businesses.

Operational management of the transport services has plenty of performances. The notes for the transporting can’t be taken by the standard Retail Software as it has nothing to do with any other operation apart from sales and receiving.

Multiple Software Usage:

Transporters had to use a number of software to maintain the record of every operation that they perform in the business. It provided little help to the entrepreneur but costed too much. Precisely in the past there was no Transport Management Software that could ease up the work for the business owners and focus on the development of the business.

But thanks to MegTools to bring up the brightest business venture, that is indeed a help for every business that is operating in the world.

MegTools Point of Sale System:

The Point of Sale System presented by MegTools is a complete business solution. When concerned with the transporting business, it could:

  • Manage the record of the vehicles used
  • Keep the data of vehicles’ performance and maintenance
  • Perform HR operations such as the payroll and shift management
  • Provide all the accounting solutions necessary for the business performance
  • Keep the record of potential business customers

Choosing Point of Sale System not only enables the business to get past all the hindrances that block the entrepreneur from developing the business but even helps in keeping the record of the prevailing competition.


Transport businesses have to go through some serious details of auditing. MegTools Point of Sale System has the sound base of all the accountancy performances and presentation of the transaction in the prescribed manners of the International Accounting Standards. It helps the Transport Business to:

  • Transact all the Journal entries in the respective books
  • Maintain every account separately into their respective T – accounts
  • Maintain the ledger of the daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, semi – annually and annual accounts
  • Prepare the Profit and Loss statements
  • Maintain the Balance Sheets
  • Create the Consolidated Accounts for Auditory reports with proper heads as per the IAS

This helps in reducing the cost for additional accounting personnel, as it performs all those duties that an accountant is hired for. The authoritative employee or the owner just has to enter the transaction in the statement form and rest will be performed by the Point of Sale System.

MegTools Point of Sale System is Everywhere:

Now the businessmen don’t have to worry about the performance of the business or don’t have to stay anxious about the fiscal operations of the business. The Point of Sale System is Cloud VPN software which not only works over the computer systems placed within the premises of the business but even goes on the devices of the owners, employees and customers. It helps in:

  • Keeping the record of customers for better PR
  • Provides Accounting statements for perusal guidance
  • Keeps an eye over the competition
  • Tracks all social ventures for the promotion of the business